Freeze Cooling Cold Spray 150ml

Freeze Cooling Cold Spray 150ml
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Treat & Ease Cooling Cold Spray 150ml
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Freeze Cooling Cold Spray 150ml


Cooling Freeze Cold Spray 150ml​ with Value Pack Option

Soothes muscular discomfort and eases tense or tired muscles by rapidly cooling the skin over the affected areas. Can also help reduce the sensation of burns, bites and inflammation.

Care for yourself and enjoy the cooling sensation from supercool freeze spray. A perfect compliment to sports, holiday and at home. Do not inhale. Do not spray near eyes or mouth. Do not use on broken or blistered skin.


Simply spray onto the required areas, holding the can 20cm from the area to be treated. Spray for a maximum of 3 seconds. Allow to dry. Should symptoms persist a second application may be made. Do not apply more than twice to the same area. Excessive spraying can cause frost bite. Do not exceed the recommended usage of this product.

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