Little Baby QCPR

Little Baby QCPR
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Little Baby QCPR is a realistic and affordable BLS manikin for pediatrics with objective feedback.
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Little Baby QCPR


Little Baby QCPR is a realistic and affordable BLS manikin for pediatrics. By utilizing gamified learning and objective feedback, Little Baby QCPR improves training quality, learner engagement, and classroom efficiency.

Foreign body removal
Choking is one of the biggest reasons for cardiac arrest in infants. With Little Baby QCPR, you allow learners to practice the not-so-gentle touch to see what it takes to remove airway obstructions.

Correct hand placement
Spot incorrect hand placement with built-in sensors and QCPR app to instantly adjust learners' performance.

Act when it matters
Practice correct compressions, ventilations, and foreign body removal so that learners act with confidence when it matters the most.

The 3-month-old Little Baby QCPR’s features include:

• Head-tilt with open/locked airway
• Feedback on hand positioning
• Visible chest-rise on ventilations
• See and feel the baby’s ribs
• Landmarks, nipples, breast tip
• Limbs with realistic movement
• Durable construction with realistic length and weight
• 2 AA batteries will last for months and are easily changed.

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Quality CPR feedback technology on compression rate, depth, recoil, chest compression fraction, hand placement, and ventilations

• Audio crying feedback for choking training

• Multiple student monitoring from the palm of your hand

• Gaming element to help make learning stick

• Realistic look and feel of a baby

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