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Brayden Baby

Brayden Baby
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Intuitive lights provide real-time feedback for ventilation training and provide real-time feedback for chest compressions depth, rate, recoil and finger or thumb position.
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Brayden Baby


The first illuminating infant CPR manikin that provides real-time visual feedback using intuitive lights to allow good quality ventilations and chest compressions.

Developed with the help of European experts in the field of resuscitation, Brayden Baby’s unique features include intuitive lights that provides real-time feedback for ventilation training and lights providing real-time feedback for chest compressions (depth, rate, recoil and finger/thumb position). When all component parts of chest compressions are performed correctly, a CPR quality indication light illuminates on the forehead of the Brayden Baby manikin. Both sets of lights help guide the student to perform good quality infant CPR.

Brayden Baby is ideal for Paediatric BLS, EPALS and EPILS.

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  • Infant CPR manikin with real-time visual feedback using intuitive lights
  • Ideal for Paediatric Basic Life Support (BLS) and New-born Life Support (NLS)
  • Lights guide the user to perform correct ventilation technique and good quality chest compressions
  • Airway is opened only when the head is in the correct neutral position
  • Jaw mechanism allows for an accurate jaw thrust/lift manoeuvre of a real baby.

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